About Gujo Adventure

Our Mission

With building and role-playing combined, Gujo Adventure is a STEM authenticated line of building sets that will improve a child’s problem-solving skills and narrative abilities while they enjoy a fun-filled play experience. Whether trying to avoid the traps of the Jungle Temple, guiding a submarine to the bottom of the ocean or navigating the ultimate rocket on its way to Mars, get ready to be immersed in the exciting and growing world of Gujo Adventure!

Gujo Adventure Deep Sea Submarine propels through the ocean depths with Gujo and Shelly at the helm.

Our Products

Gujo Adventure products are constructed using high-quality sturdy plastic connectors and durable plastic panels. All our toys are waterproof, washable, and include relatable characters with interchangeable expressions.

Gujo Adventure toys are STEM Authenticated

With a STEM authentication, your child will learn to expand their imagination, play creatively, and solve problems, all with the help of the Gujo Adventure characters