About House Monsters

House Monsters hanging out on the couch with two child palsAre There Monsters in Your House?

The House Monsters are wacky creatures that live in various places, spaces and appliances throughout your home. Each has its own unique personality and traits that are characterized by their specific habitats. 

House Monsters are a group of soft plush characters where kids learn that friends can be found in the oddest places.

The House Monsters are made of soft plush and have unique textures and features to enhance their personalities. The character lineup includes: Blushy, Bumpy, Dizzy, Drowsy, Fluffy, Munchy, Sudsy, and Whirly. Each character comes packed in its own unique habitat box, which is designed for play and display. Habitats include a refrigerator, closet, attic, bed, dishwasher, and dryer. A collector card featuring the character’s picture and unique bio is also included.

House Monsters are perfect for playtime and to cuddle with during the night. The characters can be tossed in a backpack for on-the-go play. Kids can collect and display the entire line. House Monsters plush is hand-wash only.

Make sure to check out the hardcover children's book called "The Birthday Party," starring the full cast of the House Monsters. This first story in the House Monsters' series introduces readers to the gang as they navigate unexpected surprises with friendship and positivity while planning a birthday party. 

This collection is based on the hit House Monsters YouTube series, these adorable creatures try to stay hidden while living among the Johnson family. The family includes Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and their 2 school-age children. The Johnson household is filled with lots of mischief, hijinks, fun, and silliness as the House Monsters spend good times with good monster friends while caring for the Johnson family they all love.

The House Monsters are for ages 3 and up.