2022 Fashion Trends from Fluffy

2022 Fashion Trends from Fluffy

It’s out with the old and in with the new when it comes to fashion this year! 

Is your little one a fashionista? Is she already looking into what trends are set to take over this year? Well if so, they have a lot in common with Fluffy! From up and coming color trends, to the most comfy materials to wear, Fluffy is already thinking about what pieces to add to her already full closet, and wants to share them with you and your little fashionista!

Pink is always on trend

While other colors like green and navy have dominated in the past, pink is one of the few colors that has never fallen out of trend (especially in Fluffy’s closet!). If you're wondering if you should add some bold shades to your closet, now is definitely the time. Consider adding some salmon tones to your wardrobe, baby pink or even magenta!

Put your best foot forward with a great pair of shoes 

If your child is fashion forward like Fluffy, they know that no outfit is complete without  the right pair of shoes! Whether it be a pair of everyday sneakers to wear on the school yard, to cute little booties to wear out for dinner with the family -- we’re sure that she has a go-to pair of shoes (just like Fluffy) for any event! We have to ask, does your little one share the same fear of smelly shoes like Fluffy?

Mix it up with different fabrics 

The fabric of a piece of clothing can make all the difference, so make sure you have variety in your closet! Fluffy loves cotton and why wouldn’t she? It’s soft and comfy and makes for the coziest outfits for a slumber party with your besties. She says that cotton is her go-to fabric when it comes to all things cozy -- do you agree?!

These are just a few of Fluffy’s fashion predictions for the upcoming year. Just like all other fashionistas, she is looking forward to seeing what the 2022 fashion world has in store! 

What do you think some of 2022 fashion trends will be? Share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok ,and YouTube!
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