House Monsters are hard to see in the dark, but they're friendly monsters.
Surprise! It's the House Monsters!
Kids on the couch with their House Monsters


Bumpy lives in the attic and eats moth balls from the air vents. He's the recluse of the bunch who can be rather sassy if he's convinced to participate.


Dizzy is a sock-eating monster that lives in the dryer and loves nothing more than to tumble around! He goes into crazy mode during a dryer cycle.


Drowsy lives under a bed and is always ready for a nap! He can be a little lazy. Even when he does get up, he'll often fall asleep mid-sentence!


Fluffy is a chatty fashionista who is always up-to-date on the latest styles. It's hard to get a word in edgewise when she's excited about something.


Sudsy is an anxious neat-freak who lives in the dishwasher and eats messes left on dishes. She's always cleaning up the monster messes her friends make.


Munchy enjoys cooking his monster friends deliciously disturbing concoctions and giving big hugs. He is a good listener, as long as he's not hungry!

House Monsters super soft plush pets each have their own unique personality.

If your socks are missing

and the remote is gone,

Your leftovers are eaten

and the fan is still on -

When things happen in your house

that you can't explain,

The House Monsters may be

the ones to blame!