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Koral, Fluffy, Munchy, Derek, Blushy, and Gujo are some of the colorful characters available at Luki Lab.

Luki Lab is an innovative toy company based in Southern California. Our diverse team of artists, designers, and inventors are dedicated to creating priceless memories, one toy at a time. LukiLab.com functions as an online toy store, delivering these rich experiences to new generations across the country. 

The Luki Lab Difference

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Luki Lab prioritizes customer experience, whether it be ordering on our website or hands-on playing with our toys and games. Call, email, or chat with us anytime! We're always happy to answer questions, make recommendations, or offer help to customers with special needs. Our flawless safety record and 5-star customer rating are a direct reflection of our commitment to our customers.

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Once you order, your package will arrive fast! That's because Luki Lab stores our products in warehouses all over the United States. Most customers find their packages on their doorstep within 3 days of placing an order, but don't take our word for it! Each product page displays a shipping estimate specific to your location and the product you're viewing, so you can see exactly when to expect your delivery. 

Luki Lab Brands

Providing Kids with Hours of Fun and Years of Memories™

Luki Lab offers a number of exciting toy brands that we design, manufacture, and distribute ourselves. Please see below for more on each of our toy brands. 


A young girl plays with the Pinxies Star Wish Tower available at Luki Lab.

Children who enjoy unicorns, fairies, magic, and make-believe are invited to discover the enchanting world of Pinxies, a STEM authenticated line of creative building sets for children 6 years and older. Pinxies is designed to inspire storytelling and imaginative exploration, while also offering an educational play experience for young learners. Join adventurer and expert builder Koral as she navigates her way through the Pinxies’ world, where making new friends and discovering new worlds is just the beginning. See our Pinxies toys here.

Gujo Adventure

For children interested in space, exploration, rockets, and role-playing, Gujo Adventure is a STEM authenticated line of building sets that are sure to improve their problem-solving skills and narrative abilities. Enjoy a fun-filled play experience whether you're trying to avoid the traps of the Jungle Temple, guiding a Deep Sea Submarine to the bottom of the ocean, or navigating the Mars Mission Rocket to the red planet, get ready to be immersed in the exciting and growing world of Gujo Adventure! See our Gujo Adventure toys here.

House Monsters

Kids on the floor playing with House Monsters plush available at Luki Lab.

Everyone loves a soft and cuddly stuffed animal, but House Monsters are a different breed of plush toy. Each adorably designed soft plush character comes with their very own unique box habitat, specific to their individual tastes. Explore the hidden areas of your home to find Fluffy, Munchy, Bumpy, Dizzy, Sudsy, Drowsy, Blushy, Whirly, and discover that when things happen that you can't explain, House Monsters may be the ones to blame! See our House Monsters toys here


Tired of staring at screens all day? Say hello to Clawsome, a retro-cool boutique line of affordable water games. Add water, then use your hand to squeeze, sending your diver down to retrieve sunken treasures with Treasure Diver. Add water, then play Submarings by pressing buttons to control water pressure to retrieve Poseidon's rings from the sea floor. See our Clawsome toys here.


If mech-styled dinosaurs are your thing, you're going to love Robo-Max! Luki Lab's latest creation, the Robo-Max T-Rex, has received nationwide attention on the Kelly and Ryan show as well a numerous other network TV appearances. Young people test their skills with this challenging STEM authenticated, buildable, roaring dinosaur with light-up eyes. See our Robo-Max toys here


Dexor is the newest STEM authenticated line of action-themed building sets for children 6 and up who love to invent and build. Join 10-year-old Derek, a regular kid who has a secret life as a young inventor! When Derek is in the cockpit of his Robot, T-Rex, or one of his Mini Jets, he becomes DEXOR, where he must save the world while also finishing his homework on time! See our Dexor toys here.

A child's hand playing with a Dexor STEM authenticated action-themed building set available at Luki Lab.

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