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go go ghost

Go Go Ghost

Go Go Ghost

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Was that a ghost? Where did it go? The new Go Go Ghost Game will keep players on their toes as they try to be the first one to take a photo of the ghost and escape the manor before it finds them! Featuring a light-up, motorized ghost, Go Go Ghost is an exhilarating and suspenseful game the whole family will love!

For 1-4 players, age 6 and up. Includes 1 rechargeable, battery-powered ghost figure, charging cord, gameboard with 6 obstacles, 4 ghost hunter playing pieces, 8 cards and instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Fun for the older ones

The his game was super fun for the older kiddos (5+) howver, the little ones lost interest. We switched up the rules a couple times to add in some extra spice! We had fun with this one!

Spooky shaky fun!

This game is like none we have ever played. The kids all tried to to quickly "roll" and move their game pieces before the ghost could find and move them back towards the beginning. I like that the ghost is rechargeable and won't require endless battery replacements. Super fun for all that played.

Amazing Design & Great Gameplay!

This is the cutest game - and it is designed so well! Setup is easy enough for a kid to do, and the gameplay is simple yet super exciting. The ghost floats around the board all on it's own with blue light up eyes - and this is what impressed me the most. The ghost does exactly what it is supposed to do, it floats smoothly, can go around objects, and does a mix of knocking over the game pieces and leaving them with just a scary wobble - just as it is supposed to do! It makes the gameplay super fun and fun to watch too!

Vanessa Maiorca
Ghostly fun

Go Go Ghost! is a game that has the ghost hunters running from the ghost. I’m not going to lie this one took a little bit for us to understand the playing instructions, but once we got it we had so much fun. The ghost is interactive because it rolls around from time to time and has some cool light up blue eyes. The ghost is rechargeable so we didn’t have to waste any batteries. The game comes with a USB cable to charge the ghost. This game was also enjoyed by 3+ year old child thru a 72 year old.

Jessica Hung
Love this

Go Go Ghost is pretty fun. It has an electronic ghost that moves across the board on its own and its eyes light up. You have to be the first one to get proof of the ghost and escape the manor to win the game. It’s pretty easy but it can be a little frustrating as the ghost moves a lot and will often knock down your character piece causing you to have to go back to the starting area. Everyone loved it. This game is pretty quick to play, like 15 minutes or less.