A House Monsters Halloween

A House Monsters Halloween

Happy Halloween from the House Monsters! Today is the day to put on a fangtastic costume and eat some delicious candy! If you’re unsure how to spend your Halloween here’s a list of fun activities to put you in the spooky spirit: 

Traditional trick-or-treating

It’s tradition to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night! It gets you and the kids out to enjoy the fresh air and get some delicious candy (a win-win scenario)! You can also take it as an opportunity to check out your neighbors decorations and rate their spooktacular displays. Always remember safety in numbers when exploring at night, so be sure to bring the House Monsters along for moral support! And if you need help putting the kids costumes together Fluffy is your go-to-girl!

Pumpkin decorating

Decorate pumpkins with little-kid-friendly no-carve techniques. This colorful craft is a great way to let the kids’ imaginations go wild with their own creation! Bring out paint, glitter, markers and of course googly eyes! Be sure to bring out all the stops and if you need guidance on your pumpkin makeover look to Blushy to provide her recommendations! She knows a few tips and tricks for the ultimate pumpkin glow-up!

 Watching scary movies 

Sit back, relax, and unwind with a Halloween movie marathon! Watch the spookiest, silliest and best Halloween flicks with the kids to get them in the festive spirit! Why not take it one step further and build a fort in the family room to create an extra cozy ambiance. You can count on Drowsy to provide the bed sheets for the fort and Munchy to provide popcorn and snacks for the movies!

Ghostly games night

Try some traditional games with a twist. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, pin the spider on the web! Just make sure you’re quick because Bumpy may eat the web before you have a chance to pin the spider! Also bring out the inner adventurer with a Halloween treasure hunt! Send the kids on a journey around the house to gather clues and find hidden treats! Make sure the little ones get to the candy first before the House Monsters grab them! 

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