Spending April Fools' Day with the House Monsters

Spending April Fools' Day with the House Monsters

Happy New Year!!!

Got you, April fools! If your kids are anything like the House Monsters, April Fools is when they come out to play. This is the time when they can really let loose and be their silly selves! Between your kids and the House Monsters, there’s a chance for a prank to be pulled around every corner. If you don’t want to get fooled, here’s what you need to be on the lookout for:

Now you see it now you don’t

Have you ever gone to grab something, only to find it wasn’t in the spot where you were sure you left it? Someone might be trying to play mind games with you and that someone is Drowsy! She especially loves to collect things that are near the bed. So, if you wake up to find one slipper missing, it’s not you, it’s Drowsy trying to make you think you’re forgetful so she can keep all the treasures she finds for herself! So be careful what you leave by your bed!  

No such thing as a matching pair

Since Drowsy has a habit of stealing slippers left on the floor, an obvious alternative is to wear a cozy pair of socks instead. But oh no! Someone is trying to make you look silly by having you wear mismatched socks! And are the House Monsters responsible for this? Only one in particular: Dizzy!  He lives in the space where socks always seem to mysteriously disappear - the dryer! Keep your eyes peeled as you put your next load in to dry, lest you want a fashion mishap! 

Closets aren’t just for clothes

You might think to yourself “first the slipper, now your socks are mismatched, who knows what else these silly monsters are up to?!” Well, who would have guessed that your next surprise would be in your own closet! Fluffy loves to hide in there, and with her passion for fashion she won’t be able to resist jumping out to help you put together your latest look, giving you a start! It’s better to ask Fluffy if she’s in there first, otherwise she might knock your mismatched socks off! 

Bait and switch

Be extra cautious around food on April Fools! Hiding in the fridge is Munchy! He’s got a monstrous appetite so even if you label a food item as yours, it’s never really yours so watch out! He might try and pull the old bait and switch, eating your leftover pizza, but filling the box with something less desirable, which in Munchy’s case is vegetables! If you’re just as afraid of them as he is, opening that box won’t be a sweet treat! 

Bubbly personality

Do you ever look at the load of dishes you need to clean and hope that they magically disappear? Well if Sudsy’s around, it’s not the dishes that will disappear, it's the soap bubbles! It’s her favorite food so even if you think your dishes are soaking in the sink, it’s a good idea to take a second look! Otherwise you might be stuck scrubbing!  

Mysterious noises

We’ve all been there, you’re at home and then all of a sudden you hear a mysterious noise and your imagination runs wild! What could it be? Is it a ghost? No, it’s just Bumpy! Bumpy lives in the attic, and while he’s normally shy, on April Fool’s he might make more noise than usual to make you think someone or something else is in the house with you! 

Those are just a few of the tricks the House Monsters have up their sleeves, so be on the lookout! Are you planning any pranks of your own? Share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube!

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