Award Winning Toys & Games by Luki Lab

Award Winning Toys & Games by Luki Lab

As a passionate toy maker committed to delivering rich experiences to a new generation of learners, Luki Lab is thrilled to have our efforts recognized by parenting outlets and industry publications.

Luki Lab Wins Multiple Category Toy Insider Awards

Toy Insider: Top Holiday Toys | STEM 10 | Top Summer Toys

Luki Lab has received quite a bit of editorial coverage by the Toy Insider over the years, so it's no surprise that our toys have received multiple awards from the esteemed publication. This year, Blossom Pets is a winner of the 2024 Toy Insider Top Summer Toy Award. Previously, the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon was a STEM 10 winner as well as a Top Summer Toy award winner, with Top Holiday Toy awards going to the Pinxies Fairy Treehouse and Pinxies Star Wish Tower, our popular line of House Monsters plush, the colossal T-Rex by Robo-Max, and the Dexor Robot action-themed building set! 


Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards

Luki Lab Wins Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award

After 15 years, the Good Housekeeping team delivers a list of top toys that meet a number of benchmarks for creativity, problem-solving, social play, and build skills in addition to being plain fun! Last year, the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon building set was added to their list! 


Parents Best Toys

Luki Lab Wins Parents Best Toy Award

The Parents brand has provided fact-based parenting advice through expertly written articles for 96 years. We're honored that the Pinxies Vet Care Center was included in their exclusive list of Parents Best Toys. 



Clamour Influencer Choice Awards

Luki Lab Wins Clamour Influencer Choice Award

Each year, hundreds of digital influencers are invited to vote on 15 top toys for gift givers to discover while shopping for their little ones. Luki Lab is grateful to have the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon recognized as an award winner among other exciting toys and social games. 


National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)

Luki Lab Wins National Parenting Product Award
With their focus on family, NAPPA has been testing and evaluating toys for 33 years for the purpose of showcasing the best toys, baby products, and family products available. Luki Lab recently had two brands recognized by NAPPA for 2024. Flat 2 Fast Card Racers and Run Beaver Run Board Game are each winners of the 2024 NAPPA Award, with a previous win by the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon building set.


USA Today Best Kids' Toys

Luki Lab Wins USA Today Best Kids Toys

USA Today's Reviewed editors test toys each season to select a short list of their favorites with the help of their kids and relatives. The Pinxies Star Wish Tower was selected as their best building set, mentioning that "building these [Pinxies] sets doesn't require as much force or dexterity as a Lego set, making it more appropriate for slightly younger kids." The Pinxies Enchanted Ice Castle was also mentioned again as a former award-winner for its imaginative play and stunning aesthetic. 


Luki Lab Thanks You

We approach each new season with enormous gratitude for being able to do what we do, so thank you for patronizing our store and sharing our toys and games with your loved ones. Luki Lab designers, engineers, and inventors work year-round to introduce new brands and product lines each season, so join our email list at the bottom of our website to be notified of new toys your little ones will love!

Please reach out to us with comments or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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