Celebrate the House Monsters on National Monster Day

Celebrate the House Monsters on National Monster Day

Today is a big BIG day! It’s National Monster Day! This is the day the House Monsters have been waiting for. It’s the perfect time to celebrate all things “monster” and throw a party, not that there ever needs to be a reason to throw a party! Take this day to appreciate your monster friends and show them how much you love them! Here are some things you can do to celebrate National Monster Day: 

All things chocolate

Munchy is the fridge monster that loves all things chocolate! His favorite way to consume it is in the form of chocolate cake so why not give him exactly that! You can purchase a cake from the local bakery or make it with your own two hands so Munchy can feel the love that went into it. Either way he will be one happy monster, eating his favorite food with his favorite humans! 

Dress code in effect

It is only fitting that when throwing a monster party, the guests should come dressed as monsters! With all the guests that will be attending there will be a lot of dressed up monsters. Everyone should come dressed to impress and Fluffy can help pick out the perfect outfit. To make sure everyone adheres to the dress code, offer a prize for the best dressed! So be sure to tell the guests to bring their A game, leave their smelly shoes at the door and enjoy the party!   

The party is bumping 

There always needs to be entertainment at a party! That could be in the form of dancing, singing or playing games. For high energy monsters like Bumpy and Dizzy, the more activities the better! Be sure to create a list of games to play including hide ‘n seek, the House Monsters are pros at hiding! Don’t forget to include karaoke as well, Drowsy loves to sing and would enjoy singing a duet before taking a nap! 

Cleanup crew

As the host you are responsible for cleaning up after the party ends. Although Sudsy is one of the monsters of honor, washing the dishes and cleaning are her favorite things to do! Giving her dishes to clean where she can fill the sink with bubbles is a dream come true for her, so more dishes + more bubbles = one happy Sudsy! 

National Monster Day is a reminder that the House Monsters are our furry friends that we love and want to celebrate! These are just a few tips to ensure the House Monsters party is a success! Let us know how the experience was on our InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube channels!

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