Fall in Love with Fall: A House Monsters Bucket List

Fall in Love with Fall: A House Monsters Bucket List

It’s time for the jackets to come out of hibernation, the boots to be dusted off, and the Fall festivities to begin! The leaves are changing colors meaning there’s only a little bit of time left to enjoy the season before winter arrives. We need to soak up as much of the Fall season as we can, and the House Monsters have a fun bucket list of things to do indoors and outdoors with the kids! If you’re unsure of which fun activity to do first, write the list out on slips of paper, throw them in a jar and have the kids pull them out for a surprise!  

Apple picking 

Apples are such a multi-purpose fruit that can either be eaten on their own, baked into a pie, covered in caramel or used to make apple juice. Since they are in season right now, why not make a family day out of it and take the kids to pick their own apples to munch on! The little ones can select the fruit they want and when you get home you can decide what to use them for. If you choose to make caramel apples be sure to make an extra one for Munchy to enjoy! 

Make a scarecrow 

Who says that a scarecrow has to be scary? It’s a fun hands on activity for the kids and it gets you new decor for the house! All you’ll need is some old clothes, a lot of straw and creativity! First you’ll need to build the frame which you can use sticks or a rake for. Put the clothes on the frame which Fluffy can supply, and start stuffing with the straw. If you don’t have straw you can use other items like tissue paper or dust bunnies courtesy of Drowsy! And for the head you could use a pumpkin leftover from Halloween! After that your scarecrow is all set to take the stage, or in this case your front lawn! 

Press leaves

The House Monsters are kicking it old school by bringing back leaf pressing! Take the kids out on a walk or even to the front yard to pick up their favorite leaves to press into a book. Be sure to pick the biggest and brightest leaves, and if you need an extra set of hands to help pick them up, Dizzy and Bumpy will be your go to leaf collectors! 

Walk through a corn maze

Corn mazes are life-size puzzles that you find your way out of by walking the trails that are cut into the cornfield. It’s a fun way to get competitive and see which group will make it out of the maze first! If being in the maze is overwhelming for the kids, be sure to bring their House Monsters friends to provide guidance and comfort! Take them out for an apple cider treat after and get yourself a pumpkin spice latte! 

Let us know what activities you plan to do during the Fall season with the House Monsters on their InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube!

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