Get Ready for Summer Camp with the House Monsters

May 16, 2023
Get Ready for Summer Camp with the House Monsters

Summer is well underway and it is prime camping season! Time for the kids to unplug and spend their days and nights outdoors during summer camp. But before the kids get on the bus, they may be feeling some pre-camp jitters. Whether your kids are going to day camp or sleepaway camp a little preparation can go a long way, so here are a few tips and tricks to get your kids ready and amped:  

Generate excitement

You are your children’s #1 fan so hyping them up and expressing your excitement for them going to camp will in turn get them excited as well. If they have never been to camp before, be sure to explain to them what the experience will look like. Let them know what activities they will be doing, the delicious food they will be eating and of course how much fun they will be having! If you need backup hype-monsters to help get your kids excited for summer camp be sure to call on the House Monsters! Each monster will get your kids jumping for joy and counting down the days until they can go to camp! 

Prepare for overnight stays

If your kids will be staying at overnight camp one strategy to get them comfortable sleeping in a different environment is having them stay over at a family member or friend’s house. It’s a good test to have them sleeping somewhere new and it eases them into what overnight camp will look like. Your child may be worried about being homesick but reassure them that it is a normal feeling and that they are not alone. Drowsy is the perfect sleeping buddy, she can sing the kids a lullaby to help them fall asleep!

From camping to glamping 

To ensure the kids have everything they need for summer camp go through the packing list that the camp will provide. If you need to go shopping to pick up items Fluffy is your go to girl! She will make sure that your kids have everything they need. From the running shoes to sandals, to the tee shirts and athletic shorts, Fluffy will help pack the necessities with a little bit of flare! She will plan the most fashionable outfits for your kids that are comfortable and easy to clean when they get dirty, because they will! The kids will have full permission to get as messy as they want at camp because Dizzy will be eagerly waiting to make them clean again! 

Anticipate additional guests 

Since camping is outdoors your kids should expect to see an insect or two. If they’re afraid of bugs, especially spiders, then Bumpy will be their best friend! His biggest fear is spiders so he knows the warning signs that indicate one is around. But remember bugs are more afraid of you then you are of them! 

Pack snacks

Most camps will provide meals for the kids but will suggest packing snacks they can have throughout the day. Munchy is your go to monster for picking the right snacks to bring! The best ones are the ones that don’t leave a mess and are light to pack. If you want to leave a little surprise for the kids, write them an encouraging note for them to find in their bag of snacks!

And of course, make sure your kids stay hydrated and pack a water bottle. If your kids are staying overnight and need to wash their water bottle, Sudsy will gladly step in and ensure it is clean and ready to be used the next day!

These are just a few tips to ensure your kids have a rewarding and enriching experience at summer camp! Let us know how their experience was on InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube!
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