Getaway with the House Monsters

Getaway with the House Monsters

It’s time. It’s time to take a break. Not only do you and the family want to explore and enjoy summer, so do the House Monsters! They are the perfect size to be sneaky stowaways in your suitcase or backpack but don’t worry they won’t add weight to your luggage! 

There are new experiences to be made and new places to see! However, sometimes it can be scary for kids to visit a new place. So when planning your family vacation, why not invite a House Monster?! Bumpy is a great travel companion, when at home he might be out of sight hiding in the attic, but he’s never out of mind. His gentle bumps and noises always let you know that you have a friend around. He can provide that same type of comfort when on the road. 

You can always count on Bumpy and the other House Monsters! Whichever House Monster is your kid’s BFF bring them along to enjoy the trips or activities you'll have this summer. Here are some fun ideas on how to spend your break: 

Farm fresh 

Tis the season to go strawberry picking! June is prime time for the freshest strawberries so why not take a road trip upstate to visit a farm that lets you pick your own strawberries! Make them a little more delectable by dipping them in chocolate. If the mention of chocolate and travel are whispered throughout the house Munchy will hear it. He has selective hearing but if you bring up a delicious treat like chocolate strawberries, he will want to join in on the fun! So make room at the table for Munchy!  

Refreshing waters

Summer is without a doubt the one time of the year where you need to get creative with ways of cooling yourself down when the temperature is rising. You can think locally by going to a public pool or water park, or even jumping through the sprinkler in your backyard. You could also look further and enjoy one of the many lakes America has to offer! Make it a day trip to head to the beach or stay for a couple days in a lakeside cabin and really get a feel for the land and scenery. Whatever you decide just know Sudsy will be there, ready to mix water with soap for summer time bubbles! If you take her to a beach, she will have a ball creating a huge bubble bath in the water using dish soap! You can also count on Dizzy to help wash any beach towels used! 

Fashion finder

We’ve listed a few ideas on what to do outside but the one indoor activity you should definitely do this summer is shopping! Put on your most comfortable shoes and be ready to roam the mall looking for some great outfits and accessories. Fluffy has never been to a mall before so be sure to bring her along to enjoy, because you know she will! If you get hungry or parched don’t forget the food court is only a few steps away and has a variety of options. And the best part of this excursion is the air conditioning so you can stay cool as a cucumber as you look for some fun clothes! 

At one with nature 

Let’s face it, we all need to take a nice relaxing break. The kids have been stressed during school and now that summer has started it’s time to take a breather and reset. The best places to check out to rejuvenate is nature! There is so much to offer and it’s the perfect way for you and the kids to unplug with outdoor activities like camping. After a day of hiking and adventure, don’t be surprised to find Drowsy curled up in your sleeping bag! She has a special skill of being able to sleep anywhere, especially in a destination as peaceful as the countryside. 

These are just a few recommendations to inspire you to get out and explore this Summer! And whatever you get up to have the House Monsters join in on the fun with the kids. Share with us what you plan on doing this Summer on our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube channels! 

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