Go Back-to-School with the House Monsters!

Go Back-to-School with the House Monsters!

The House Monsters are so excited for kids to go back-to-school so they can have the house back to themselves to continue exploring! After having such an amazing summer break getting ready to go to school will be a challenge. The House Monsters are here to help kids get back into their routine with a list of suggestions to ensure they are ready to tackle their first day back with confidence!!

Go to Bed Early

Plenty of sleep is essential to keep kids focused and energized for a full day of school. Making sure that your kids get a good 6-8 hours of sleep every night is beneficial for their wellbeing. If you need assistance in helping your kids fall asleep, Drowsy’s got your back! She will be there to sing them a lullaby so they have a peaceful slumber!

Use Lists to Check Off Your School Supplies and To-Do’s

With so much prep to do before the first day of school, it’s easy to miss a few things! Lists of school supplies that need to be packed and morning to-do’s are a great way to make sure you’re not forgetting anything! Bumpy will be the guide making sure your kids have everything they need to have an amazing first day! 

Pack a Healthy Lunch

A healthy lunch is essential to help kids get through a busy day of school! Munchy is in your fridge ready to help you pick out healthy snacks! Your child can take the sandwich and vegetables, and Munchy can keep his fav food, chocolate cake!! And for packing up the kids meals Sudsy will be there to wash the containers and make sure your kids lunches are ready to go! 

Choose a First Day Outfit

The best way to make a first impression and start the year off right is with a new outfit that will give your child confidence!! Fluffy is in your child’s closet to help them choose something sure to impress and Whirly and Dizzy will help make sure the clothes get clean before the big first day!

Get a Morning Routine 

Having an easy morning routine for kids to follow will help them get back into the school year with ease! Blushy is in your bathroom ready to help your little one get their morning hygiene routine in order! From brushing their teeth to styling their hair, she is here to help them get the perfect first-day look!

Talk Through the First Day Jitters

Starting a new school year can be tough and come with a mix of emotions. Talking through your child’s feelings and worries will help them feel more confident on their first day of school. The House Monsters are here to help support your child on their first day back and conquer their fears. 

The whole group of House Monsters are wishing your child a safe and happy first day of school! You can find your very own House Monster right here on LukiLab.com! Make sure you follow us on our InstagramFacebookTikTok, and YouTube  to keep up with all the House Monsters’ adventures!! 

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