Have a Hoppy Easter with the House Monsters!

Have a Hoppy Easter with the House Monsters!

Who’s egg-cited for Easter? We know the House Monsters sure are! One of the biggest traditions is Easter egg hunting with the kids, but this year we want to crank that tradition up a notch! 

While chocolate is always an Easter favorite (just ask Munchy!), you can further add to the day’s excitement by tasking the kids to find their very own House Monsters! Hide the monsters in the locations in your house that are inspired by their habitats and unique personalities. Then, let the kids know that the Easter Bunny brought some special new friends for them to find. 

The House Monsters are known to hide in all sorts of places around the house, so they may be hard to spot at first. Luckily, in addition to leaving treats, the Easter Bunny has left a series of character-specific clues to help your child locate their monster friends (Hint: scroll down for the answers!): 

  1. This has something to control its temperature 
    But it's not an air conditioner unit
    It is in your kitchen and it has a door
    And it often has meat, cheese and milk in it
  2. This is something in your house
    That can either be cool or warm
    You put your clothes in and they come out dry
    You could say they really transform
  3. This is something you find in your kitchen
    Dishes go in dirty but come out clean
    It fills up with bubbles and is a part of your everyday routine
  4. This is where items can be stored
    So your bedroom’s not a mess
    It’s also where things get hung up
    Like shirts, jackets or a dress
  5. It’s above the ceiling and below the roof
    You will need stairs to go up to
    a room to store boxes and things
    And if you read one of our most recent blogs it should look clean and new  
  6. This comes in different sizes – King, and Queen
    You use it in your nightly routine
    Sleep on it and catch up on your Z’s
    It’s springy, bouncy, and very comfy!

Congrats you’ve made it! Here are the answers in case you missed a monster: 

  1. Answer: Fridge House Monster: Munchy
  2. Answer: Dryer   House Monster: Dizzy
  3. Answer: Dishwasher House Monster: Sudsy
  4. Answer: Closet House Monster: Fluffy
  5. Answer: Attic House Monster: Bumpy
  6. Answer: Bed House Monster: Drowsy

With these riddles your kids will be able to find the House Monsters in time for Easter dinner, making it a holiday they won’t forget!

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