Introducing Two New House Monsters!

Introducing Two New House Monsters!

Are your colorful socks always missing? Or are you constantly running out of soap in the bathroom? These are sure signs that our new House Monsters have moved in!!!

Introducing….Whirly and Blushy!! The newest House Monsters who can’t wait to be your friends!

Meet WHIRLY the Washer Monster!

Cute and cuddly Whirly loves to see all the colorful clothes in the washer! But make sure to separate your laundry as she’s afraid of white shirts! Her fave food is colorful socks which is why they’re always missing! Whirly comes with her very own habitat, designed to be part of the fun. 

Meet BLUSHY the Bathroom Monster!

Blushy puts on a pretty face using the toiletries on the bathroom counter to get the perfect look. She doesn’t dare look in the mirror though for fear of being seen! Her fave food is soap which is why you’re always running out! Blushy comes with her very own habitat, where she loves to play. 

These two new House Monsters are making fast-friends with the rest of the group! Find yours here, at, to complete your House Monster collection! Be sure to follow us on our InstagramFacebookTikTok, and YouTube channels for more funny antics!

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