Meet the House Monsters!

Meet the House Monsters!

Ever wonder how your socks keep going missing? Or who is always making a mess in your closet when no one is around? Or how all the food in your fridge suddenly goes missing? If these are frequently asked questions at your house, you must have House Monsters! 

The House Monsters - Munchy, Dizzy, Bumpy, Sudsy, Fluffy and Drowsy, are soft plush characters with their own unique personality, who LOVE to run around and explore your home -- especially when no one is around to catch them. The Monsters are currently residing in the Johnson family home, but may just turn up in yours when you’re not there!

Meet the Monsters!

Munchy is the fridge monster who has a monstrous appetite, and loves eating chocolate cake. He’s responsible for everything mysteriously disappearing from your kitchen shelves. He is also known to give the best hugs!

Dizzy is the dryer monster. He spends most of his time tumbling around (causing him to get dizzy) or eating lint balls (his favorite food). He also loves to steal socks; so if yours are missing, you can probably blame Dizzy!

Drowsy is the monster you find under your bed. She tends to be quite lazy, and is always ready for a nap. She is a collector of all things that fall off your bed - so if something goes missing, you know who took it!

Sudsy is the dishwasher monster who loves to play with bubbles and clean all the dishes she can find. She's always cleaning up the monster messes her friends make.

Bumpy is the attic monster. He tries to be on his best behavior and not make noise, however this monster can’t help but bump into everything in his path - especially at night.

Fluffy is the closet monster. She is a chatty fashionista who knows everything about clothes and shoes. But the mess she leaves in the closet after she’s found the perfect outfit - is probably going to be yours to clean up.

The House Monsters are irresistibly soft, super squishy and always up for snuggles and adventure! Be sure to grab yours today on Amazon and share your House Monsters stories with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok ,and YouTube!


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