Organized Environment = Organized Mind

House Monsters - An Organized Environment Means An Organized Mind

Ah Spring, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping! Everything and everyone is ready for the new season except one thing, your house. It’s time to sweep away the Winter blues with your little helpers and the House Monsters!

Doing a deep clean can be overwhelming and that’s why all hands should be on deck!  The House Monsters are here to help by focusing on a different section of your house at a time. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, so with everyone working together your house will be spotless in no time! Here are tips and tricks to get your home in tip top shape

Starting on top

If you read our previous blog, Cleaning the Attic with Bumpy, then you’re already one step ahead! Bumpy is on your team to help you organize the forgotten items stored in your attic. It is best to divide the items into three categories: stuff to keep, stuff to donate, and stuff to throw away. If you’re unsure on what is worthy of keeping, ask the family if they use the items or have plans to use them. It’s best to communicate and decide as a cohesive unit!

Where dreams come true

Your bed is where you go to have sweet dreams but it’s not so sweet when it’s not so clean. Make it a game with the kids and have them guess what items may be under the bed before you look to clean it out. Of course Drowsy will be there but there could be a missing slipper, loose change or maybe a hair tie. You never know what you’re going to get until you look under the bed. Be sure to take out items that should not be there, except Drowsy! 

Fashion finds

Say goodbye to your winter jacket and hello to your denim one! With the seasons changing now is the perfect time to go through your closet and the kids' closets to clean them out. Good thing Fluffy is ready to help! Take out all the clothes and divide them into a keep or donate pile. If you are unsure if a clothing item is worth keeping, look to your kids and Fluffy to confirm if the item is drab or fab! 

Dazzling dryer

Have you ever found that your clothing takes a lot longer to dry even though it ran a cycle in the dryer? That may be a sign that it’s time to clean out the lint trap. You may find Dizzy hiding in there too as his favorite food is lint balls! 

Say hello to fresh food

It’s farmers market season, where vendors with fresh food are just waiting for you! Keep your fridge clean by buying food that you will need for the week only. Take it week by week so you’re not wasting food and letting it sit in your fridge for Munchy to snack on. Make going to the farmers market a weekly family activity and bring the kids to help you choose the ripest looking fruit!  

The more bubbles the merrier

The best feeling in the world is having an empty sink! But when one dish is added to the sink, suddenly 10 more pile on top. Luckily you have Sudsy and the kids to help put dishes in the dishwasher for cleaning. To get the kids more comfortable around the household appliance, take turns with them putting dishes in the dishwasher to show them that cleaning is enjoyable! This shows them that there is nothing to be afraid of and cleaning is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Those are just a few of the tips to help brighten up your home! Let us know how your Spring cleaning went and share your experience with us on InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube!

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