Picnic Packing with Munchy

Picnic Packing with Munchy

Let’s get packing! Now that the weather is nicer and the kids are off from school why not spend the day outdoors having a picnic. And who better to help fill your picnic basket with goodies other than Munchy! He knows all about the picnic etiquette and can make sure you and the kids have the best time! Here are some tips, provided by Munchy, for planning the perfect picnic! 

The setting 

Set the scene for a picnic by finalizing when and where you want to go. Make sure that the environment you choose is 

 flat and has grass as opposed to rocks. Check the weather ahead of time to plan accordingly. The weather can be unpredictable so just to be safe bring heavy objects to weigh down your blanket if it gets windy, bring an umbrella if it starts to rain or bring one if it is too sunny. Also be prepared for bugs that might want to snack on your delicious food. Bring a fly swatter or bug spray to help keep unwanted guests away! If you need backup call on Bumpy, his fear of spiders helps him know what to do when there are insects on the premises. 

Meal prepping 

This is what Munchy will be waiting for, meal prepping! When having a picnic you need to plan ahead what food you will be bringing. Choose foods that are easy to pick up and minimize the use of cutlery. Examples include chicken drumsticks, fruit skewers or corn on the cob. 

Look to leave the messy food at home. You shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning your kid's face that is full of BBQ sauce or cupcake frosting. Stick to the basics like sandwiches to make things easier on you and your kids! Also don’t forget to stay hydrated and bring plenty of refreshments that have a cap so it minimizes the chances of spilling. Munchy will be with you every step of the way to make sure your food is prepped and ready to go! Just don’t expect him to prep vegetables, they are his biggest fear!

Packing checklist 

Rule 101 of picnicking is making sure you travel light. You don’t want to bring any unnecessary items that could weigh you down. All you will need is a blanket, picnic basket, garbage bags, napkins, and activities to keep you and the kids entertained! 

Let’s face it, although you hope no mess will be made during the picnic, it is bound to happen. Be proactive and bring more garbage bags and wet naps than you think you will need. It’s better to be safe than sorry! As for some fun things you could bring, pack a frisbee, board game, soccer ball, coloring books or other items that are easy to carry. 

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect picnic! Share with us your picnic experience on InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube!
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