Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving With the House Monsters

Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving With the House Monsters

Happy Thanksgiving from the House Monsters! It’s a time to be grateful for the things you have and the people (and monsters) in your life! Take this holiday to show your kids how to appreciate everything in life, and the House Monsters have got your back on how to do it! 

Gratitude jar 

Take a twist on the gratitude tree and start a gratitude jar! Make it a crafting session with the kids and get them to decorate a jar however they choose, and if they need extra sparkles Fluffy will be ready to provide! Encourage the kids to write on a slip of paper something that they’re grateful for. Then after dinner, have the family take turns pulling from the jar to read out loud what everyone is grateful for. Or, as an alternative, you can leave the jar out for the remainder of the year and pull from it whenever someone is having a bad day and needs a little pickmeup or reminder of all the wonderful things they have in their life.

The gift of giving 

Teach your kids about kindness and get them into the giving spirit! You can do this by going through your house and finding things that are not being used but are still in good condition that others can use! Bumpy will be there to help go through the piles and piles of things in the attic that are rarely used! And to keep your kids involved, have them help decide where to donate their items to, surely they will want to know where their old toys will be going! And if you’re donating clothes that no longer fit the little ones, ensure Whirly and Dizzy give them a good wash! 

Volunteering is another great way to give back during the Thanksgiving season. Take the family to a food bank and help serve up a meal to those in need. Because everyone deserves a hot meal, especially on Thanksgiving! This is Munchy’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition!  

Post dinner wind down 

If you’re anything like the House Monsters, turkey will make you sleepy! But with the whole family gathered together, you should make the most of time shared. Keep the family bonding going after the table has been cleared with some low energy activities, such as watching a holiday movie or playing board games together. No matter what you choose, Drowsy will be there to make sure everyone feels comfy and cozy as you share quality time together and digest your tasty Thanksgiving dinner!   

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and let us know how you spend the day with your kids on the House Monsters' InstagramFacebookTikTok ,and YouTube channels!
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