So Fresh, So Clean. Laundry Hacks from Dizzy

So Fresh, So Clean. Laundry Hacks from Dizzy

Do you dread laundry day? Between the endless sorting, washing, drying and folding it can seem like an endless task. Then, just when you think you’re finished, the whole process starts up again. There is help on the horizon though! As kids get older, they can play a more active role in keeping their clothes clean. Luckily, Dizzy is an excellent teacher and has some advice on how to get the kids involved. After all, he has learned a thing or two about it after spending so much time in the dryer! 


Fluffy’s favorite color is pink, but not everyone may agree. One of the worst things that can happen is all your white clothes turning pink or another color because the laundry wasn’t sorted properly. Sorting provides the perfect opportunity for younger kids to practice their colors by having them create three piles: whites, colors and darks. This way you don’t have to worry about any dyes running and staining other items. 

Make it a game

Once the clothes are washed and dried, then comes the time to fold and put everything away. While it might not be the most exciting activity, there is a way to infuse some fun by turning it into a matching game. Put all the fresh laundry on a clean surface and have kids match items. It could be anything from making sure socks are in the correct pair or matching by item type so when it comes time to put everything away, it’s all organized.

Give them a specific job 

Kids often want to feel involved, so give them a specific job they can own. Like cleaning out the lint trap! Kids will learn about laundry safety and enjoy pulling out the colorful, fuzzy lint. They can even feed it to Dizzy, as that’s his favorite food! 

Give them a reward for a job well done so read this 

Kids might not appreciate clean clothes as much as they should, so to create a positive association with doing laundry trying offering a reward. Create a chore chart with a laundry task as one of the items. Every time they complete the task, put a sticker beside it. Once they’ve earned five stickers, give them a special reward. It could be anything from an additional dollar on their allowance, to a fun outing, to a new toy - like one of the House Monsters! If they have something to look forward to, they’ll be more likely to help with the laundry. 

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