A Trip Down Memory Lane With the House Monsters

A Trip Down Memory Lane With the House Monsters

The new year is officially here! And while the House Monsters are looking forward to the year ahead, they’re reminiscing on the one that has just passed. And what a year that was! Looking back at 2021, the squad definitely had a lot going on - from making their official introduction, to meeting some new friends (YOU), they were busy right until the end. In the spirit of sharing, the House Monsters wanted to share some of their greatest 2021 memories.

To kick things off, the House Monsters decided to move into some of your very own homes! From new friends finding Fluffy in their closets, to Bumpy in their attics, it's safe to say that they’ve made themselves at home with many of you!

Next, the House Monsters starred in their very own YouTube animated series. Featuring two episodes thus far, they were very excited to give all of their friends a further look into their lives. Between The Power Outage and The Talent Show, which episode was your favorite?!

Last on the list of most memorable moments is the release of House Monsters: The Birthday Party! This is the first story in the House Monsters series, that introduces readers to the crew - Fluffy, Munchy, Sudsy, Dizzy, Bumpy and Drowsy – and their adventures living unbeknownst to their human family the Johnsons! The whole gang says that this is a “must read” and to check it out right here on LukiLab.com!

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