The Birthday Party Book


Hardcover Book
12.59” x 9.44” x 0.47”
36 Pages, Case Bound
ISBN: 978-1737875000

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Product Description

When things happen in your home that you can’t explain, the House Monsters may be the ones to blame! Every home has House Monsters! Mischievous and adorable monsters that are the answer to life’s little mysteries we know all too well – who took my socks, who ate my leftovers, who has the TV remote?

This first story in the House Monsters series introduces readers to the House Monsters crew - Fluffy, Munchy, Sudsy, Dizzy, Bumpy and Drowsy – and their adventures living unbeknownst to their human family the Johnsons!

After the Johnson family leaves home for the day, the House Monsters come together to create an amazing surprise birthday party. But what they don't plan for is the unexpected surprise waiting for them! Kids will learn the value of teamwork and friendship and being able to handle unexpected surprises with a positive attitude.

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