Drift off to Dreamland with Drowsy!

Drift off to Dreamland with Drowsy!

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for overall health, especially for little ones. It’s the time when their brains process everything from the previous day and sets them up for an even better one ahead! A peaceful doze will leave your child feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on their next adventure! But sometimes drifting off to dreamland is harder than it seems. Luckily, the House Monsters have a napping expert in their midst - Drowsy! She has some sure fire tips that help make sure your little bed bug gets the shuteye they need. 

Create a comforting space 

Sleeping should be a relaxing experience, so create a setup that makes your child feel comfortable. Make sure their bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold. Provide cozy blankets and soft pillows. If your kid is afraid of the dark, set up a dim nightlight. Or, provide them with a cuddly friend, like one of the House Monsters, to keep them company. If you’re looking for a friend, Drowsy is never too far away as her favorite spot to catch some Zzzzs is under the bed! 

Set a bedtime routine and stick to it

A bedtime routine is very important to helping your child prepare for sleep. Going through the motions of disconnecting from technology, brushing their teeth, changing into pajamas and getting tucked in can help them mentally prepare and wind down from the day’s activities. The most important part of the bedtime routine is timing. Make sure the routine starts at the same time every night. Over time your child will adjust and anticipate the upcoming sleep, which will make falling, and staying asleep, easier. 

Make bedtime something to look forward to with a story 

When it comes time for bed, many kids put up a fight because they’re enjoying whatever activity it is they’re doing and don’t want to stop. Instead of making bedtime something to be dreaded, turn it into something fun! And a nighttime story is just the thing! House Monsters: The Birthday Party! is one of the House Monsters’ all time favorites and we know your little one will enjoy having you read it to them.

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