The House Monsters Advice Column

The House Monsters Advice Column

You’ve got questions? Well look to the House Monsters to give you answers! They are not just mischievous creatures that live in your house, they also give great advice!

How do I get my kids to enjoy healthy meals?

Munchy: Getting kids to eat healthy foods like vegetables can be tricky. I should know, as I also try to avoid vegetables ‐ they’re my biggest fear! But one way I’ve overcome that fear, and how your kids can too, is by incorporating them into their favorite meals. Pizza is one of the easiest! What kid doesn’t like pizza?! When you order it, load it up with ALL the veggies: tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and even onions! If they can’t stand the sight of veggies, try making your own pizza at home and layering the cheese on top as a disguise. They’ll be so distracted by the cheesy goodness that they won’t even notice they’re getting their daily dose of veggies!  

How can I get the kids to overcome their fear of spiders? 

Bumpy: If your kids are afraid of the eight-legged spider they are not alone, I am too! One of the steps I take into getting over my fear is thinking about the positive aspects of a spider and not the scary parts. What could help too is increasing your kids' exposure to gentle spiders. That could be through watching videos about them, looking at pictures of them and even holding a toy spider! You can even use that toy spider to scare other members of the house!

My kids are performing in the school talent show, what should they wear? 

Fluffy: The school talent show is your kids time to shine! This is their moment to really WOW their classmates so having the perfect outfit is crucial. In order for them to stand out they should wear clothes they feel most comfortable and confident in! For me, the more sparkles the better! That could mean shopping for a new outfit and if that’s the case, I would love to join on the shopping trip! And if your kids need help with their hair look to Blushy to come through! 

My kids want to start styling their own hair, should I let them? 

Blushy: That’s great that your kids want to get creative and start styling their own hair! It gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and playful way! Let them style their hair but be there to provide guidance and support. Maybe give them recommendations or be their hair assistant holding the cute clips and accessories they may want to use. And if they ever need inspiration for new styles you can always come to me! 

My kids are worried about their first sleepover at a friend's house, how can I help them feel at ease?

Drowsy: It’s a natural thing for kids to be afraid of sleeping away from home for the first time. They may be worried about being homesick but reassure them that it is a normal feeling and that they are not alone. One strategy to get them comfortable sleeping in a different environment is to have them bring a piece of home with them to provide comfort, such as their favorite House Monster. Luckily, I can sleep anywhere, so next time your kid has a sleepover, pack me in their overnight bag and I’ll make sure they’re safe and sound.  

What can I do to ensure the house stays clean? 

Sudsy: Let’s be honest, the house will never be 100% clean or organized when there are kids running around. To keep it as clean as can be, try making games out of their chores so they can have some fun while cleaning! Or provide a reward as incentive for kids to make their bed every morning and wash their dishes after eating. If all else fails and they still leave the dishes for later, play a little trick by dumping them on their beds so they have to clean them up! 

My kids constantly wipe their hands on their clothes, how can I get rid of the stains? 

Whirly & Dizzy: Kids will be kids, meaning when there are no napkins around they will wipe their hands on the nearest surface which in this case are your clothes! Trying to remove stains is a difficult task but the number 1 rule for when dealing with them is to dab, not rub! If that’s still not enough check out our previous blog on Stain Removing Tips from Whirly! If all else fails, just dress them in all black so stains won’t show up! 

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