Drowsy is the House Monster that collects all the things that fall under the bed - so if something from your bed goes missing, you know who took it!

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Product Description

Meet Drowsy, the Monster under the Bed!

Drowsy loves her sleep, snacking on dust bunnies and collecting things she finds on the floor.

The Drowsy plush toy comes with her very own sturdy fully illustrated box playset habitat, designed to be part of the play.

You can have fun with Drowsy, hiding her in her bed box or anywhere in the house. Or - toss her in your backpack for on-the-go play. Drowsy the House Monster is perfect for playtime and cuddling up with at night.

Drowsy is 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

Unbox and Discover

Each House Monster arrives in its closed box hiding place, perfect for kids to discover them in a fun unboxing experience. Open the box to reveal your chosen House Monster plush character and the included collector card.

Play and Display Habitat

House Monsters come packed inside their own habitat box, that matches their unique personality traits. The sturdy laminated box playset is beautifully illustrated inside and out and is designed for interactive play with the plush toy; kids can use the box as a fun playset for the monster and put their monsters in their favorite hiding place when not playing.

Collector ID Cards

Each House Monster comes with a sturdy, wallet-sized collector I.D. card. The front displays the character’s picture and shows the monster’s home address (hiding place), favorite food, and biggest fear. The back of the card has a fun group shot of all the monsters coming out at night.

Perfect for Ages 3 and Up

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, playdate pal, or a holiday, House Monsters are a fun gift for kids, ages 3 and up. Each character is sold separately. Collect, hide, play, and display them all.

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