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In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea. Poseidon possessed many awesome powers and was the guardian of vast riches in the deepest waters of the ocean. Among the most prized treasures were the powerful Rings of Poseidon, which were scattered throughout the world's oceans long ago after this ill-tempered god's epic battle against the legendary hero, Odysseus. Take your Submarings journey to 4 different dive locations and help recover the mythical Rings of Poseidon!

This fun game works by using a very cool principle of science called "Bernoulli's Principle," which is related to fluid dynamics, or the movement of fluid. In the case of this game, the fluid used is water.

When you push the buttons on the base, the force from your finger creates water pressure within the tank which is proportional to how hard you press the buttons (pressure = force/area). The pressure pushes on the water molecules and gives them speed to move (kinetic energy). As the water molecules move, they are forced through a narrow nozzle into the tank, which causes them to move even faster as there is less space for the molecules to pass through.

Therefore, the harder you push the button, the faster the rings will move! Pretty cool. huh? Watch the path of the rings to give you an indication of what's happening with the water. With enough practice, you'll know how much pressure to apply to get the rings on the pegs!

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