Building Instructions

Looking for Luki Lab building instructions? You've come to the right place!

Find detailed instruction booklets for Pinxies, Gujo Adventure, Clawsome, and Robo-Max, all available to view or download for free.

Pinxies Instructions View / Download
Magical Friends
Enchanted Ice Castle
Marvelous Mermaid Ship
Pinxies Unicorn Barn Instructions Unicorn Barn
Unicorn Ice Cream Truck
Fairy Treehouse
Ocean Friends
Vet Care Center


Gujo Adventure Instructions View / Download
Download PDF
Mars Mission Rocket
Gujo Adventure Underwater Base Instructions
Mars Space Base
Download PDF Deep Sea Submarine
Gujo Adventure Underwater Base Instructions Underwater Base
Gujo Adventure Lost Jungle Temple Instructions Lost Jungle Temple
Gujo Adventure Mars Space Explorer Instructions Mars Space Explorer
Gujo Adventure Mars Hover Ship Instructions Mars Hover Ship


Clawsome Instructions View / Download
Treasure Diver


Robo-Max Instructions View / Download

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