Light-up eyes and roar sounds! 8 points of articulation. 3-feet tall when assembled. Screwdriver included. Adult assistance recommended.

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Product Description

Introducing the colossal T-Rex, by Rob-Max! This massive, STEM authenticated building set is composed of hundreds of pieces, making for a final assembled height of over 3-feet tall! Once assembled, your child will be enthralled by T-Rex's glowing LED eyes and its clearly audible thunderous roar.

‘8 points of articulation’ means you’re able to move and pose T-Rex’s mouth, head, arms, and legs using the assembled hinges at its joints. Pose the 3-foot tall robot Tyrannosaurus Rex to your liking and let your child's imagination empower the T-Rex to play the part of the antagonist that reeks havoc on regular-sized toys in the house.

Ages 7+ and adult supervision is recommended. This is a very challenging build and should be viewed as an integral part of the experience of this toy. Delayed gratification is a fundamental aspect of self-control and one of the primary lessons learned through completing this build. Teach patience and perseverance to a special young one in your life and bask in the glory of the completed build of the ultimate robot T-Rex by Robo-Max!

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