Holiday Toy List: Best Toys for Christmas for Kids at Every Age

September 25, 2023
Luki Lab's Holiday Toy List: Top Toys For Christmas For Kids At Every Age

Shopping for kids can be a little overwhelming considering the large number of gift options available out there. From books and board games to clothes and shoes, gift options for kids are plentiful. But you know what your child will appreciate the most this Christmas? A fun toy—something exciting right out-of-the-box that'll keep them engaged for hours of fun.

If you're not sure which toys to pick, let us help you out! Here are the top toys for Christmas and the holiday season. We've even listed them according to age, so you can use this holiday toy list to make your shopping more convenient!

Best Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers 3+

The best toy gifts for 3-year-olds or 5-year-olds offer plenty of opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers to be more imaginative & social. Here are some toys perfect for ages 3+.

House Monsters stuffed toys are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers 3+

House Monsters Stuffed Toys

If your little munchkin is a fan of colorful stuffed toys, House Monsters Toys will bring a smile to their face. The House Monsters are Blushy, Whirly, Munchy, Fluffy, Dizzy, Bumpy, Drowsy, and Sudsy—all are simply adorable. A great way to introduce your child to the bunch is by watching our animated mini episodes! The House Monsters possess unique characteristics and have their own hiding spots. Each adorable plush character comes with a different box habitat, ensuring that your child has a creative and engaging play session.

Don't know which monster toy to get for your favorite toddler? Blushy's box habitat is a bathroom counter because she likes putting on a pretty face using her lovely toiletries. Fluffy is always pretty in pink; she loves hanging out in her closet to make her fashionable creations. Blushy and Fluffy are perfect gifts for your little fashionista. Looking for a gift for an adorable boy who loves to eat? Munchy, with his fridge box habitat, is your best bet!

Best Toys as Christmas Gifts for First Graders 6+

As they move from kindergarten to first grade, most six-year-olds & seven-year-olds prefer toys that capture their sense of humor and hone their ability to build things & create stories. Here are some top toys from Luki Lab that can be holiday gifts for kids aged six and above.

Treasure Diver and Submarings are Top Toys as Christmas Gifts for First Graders 6+

Treasure Diver

Does your child like treasure hunting games? If they do, then they'll love the classic handheld water game, Treasure Diver. There are sunken treasures deep within the sea, and your little one has to retrieve them. They can squeeze the container to move the diver in the desired direction and open the retrieving claws to get hold of the treasure. This toy runs without needing a battery. Kids can enjoy playing games like Claw Master and Catch & Release with this toy.

Mission Mars Rocket

A perfect gift for space enthusiast kids, the Mission Mars Rocket is another toy you could gift your child this Christmas. The set has four levels, including a flight deck and an engine room. It also comes with two astronauts! The child has to assemble the pieces to create the rocket using the color instructions. This game feeds children's curious minds and helps develop their problem-solving abilities while igniting their interest in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Mermaid Ship

The Mermaid Ship is a perfect holiday gift for a six-year-old or seven-year-old girl who's a little adventurous. This STEM-authenticated toy set comes with 60+ pieces your child has to assemble to build the ship. This activity develops problem-solving skills and inspires kids to be creative and imaginative. The bright colors, accessories, and stickers make this toy all the more intriguing. Your little girl can play with it alone or with friends for hours on end.


With this retro handheld water game by Clawsome, your first-grader has to help Poseidon recover his powerful rings from the bottom of the ocean. All they have to do is to press the buttons and try to get all the rings on the pegs with the help of the water. The harder they push the buttons, the faster the rings move through the water. Submarings comes with two buttons for dual-action control or to allow for two kids to play at once. Have your child take turns with a friend to challenge each other to a best-of-three game!

Unicorn Ice Cream Truck

If you have a six-year-old kid who loves everything about unicorns, this toy is a perfect Christmas gift for them! Here's the Unicorn Ice Cream Truck. It's a 150-piece playset for kids aged six and above. It includes the main Pinxies character, Koral, and two colorful winged unicorns. Your kid will likely enjoy assembling the colorful ice cream truck using the many panels, accessories, stickers, and other pieces. Oh, and did we mention that Koral has holographic expressions? Show your kid by moving Koral from side to side!

Star Wish Tower

The Star Wish Tower is a huge playset that comes with over 150 pieces, including Koral, who has two holographic expressions. It also includes a telescope tube with three interchangeable colored lenses, multiple accessories for decorating, and stickers that glow in the dark. Your little girl will have tons of fun constructing the tower and creating stories around Koral. This toy offers a fun, well-rounded and educational experience!

Best Toys for 8 to 12-Year-Old Boys This Christmas

Most kids aged eight to eleven still light up when they get a toy for Christmas. That's especially true if it is a one-of-a-kind toy that aligns with their current interest—a movie, character, etc. Here are some fun, unique, and challenging toys you can gift to your growing boy.

Robo-Max, Dexor, and Gujo Adventure are the Best Toys for 8 to 12-Year-Old-Boys This Christmas

Lost Jungle Temple

Is your kid crazy about the jungle? Here's the perfect holiday gift for them: Lost Jungle Temple. This toy includes over 240 pieces that your child can assemble to build a huge temple with four levels, including a collapsing wall & secret passage. It also comes with a manual to guide your kid and keep the assembly experience fun and successful. More so, this toy is made from high-quality, sturdy panels, and connectors. Plus, all pieces are waterproof & washable. You can even pass the toy down to a younger sibling or friend.

Dexor Mini Jets

If your ten-year-old boy wants to level up from Lego, he'll like this 3-in-1 Dexor Mini Jets toy. It's a building set that includes 90 pieces that your kid can assemble to build three mini jets. It's an intuitive toy; your boy won't have much of a problem assembling & playing with the jets. He can even combine the three mini jets to create a super jet! And if your kid already has Dexor building sets, he will find that the Mini Jets set is compatible with any of his Dexor sets. He can expand his imagination, play creatively, and hone his STEM-inspired construction skills.

Dexor Robot

Inspire your favorite boy to build a cool robot with this playset. The 12-inch Dexor Robot includes 110 pieces your kid can assemble by following the manual or on his own! The set also includes the character named Derek, who has interchangeable expressions. And if your kid likes customizing, he'll appreciate the accessories & stickers included in this set. He can play with this robot alone or have his friends over and let the robot join their usual games.

Dexor T-Rex

Is your son, cousin, or nephew a huge fan of dinosaurs? Make him smile on Christmas by gifting him this Dexor T-Rex. It's a 115-piece playset that allows him to build the coolest robot version of T-Rex. The set includes accessories and stickers for customizing and Derek, the main Dexor character, who's ready to be the hero in any story your kid chooses to play. As a STEM-authenticated toy, Dexor T-Rex fosters imaginative play, problem-solving, construction skills & other 21st-century skills and values.

Robo-Max T-Rex

Want something bigger than Dexor T-Rex? We've got your back! Here's the Robo-Max T-Rex. It's a 170-piece building set that is 3-feet tall when assembled. The set includes 106 jumbo screws, premium laminated cardboards and plastic panels, and a custom screwdriver. This robot T-rex also features flashing red led eyes and a sound box that emits mighty roaring dino sound effects. With eight points of articulation, this toy isn't only meant for display but is also playable! Your kid can move it and create cool action poses. He can move the robot's mouth, legs, hands, arms, and head, so he can really show it off to his friends and family. It's the perfect gift for a ten or eleven-year-old boy who loves a good challenge. His problem-solving skills, patience, and perseverance will be put to the test, but with your guidance, he'll complete the build with pride!

Best Toys for 8 to 12-Year-Old Girls This Holiday

The best gifts for eight-year-old girls allow them to engage in elaborate fantasy play and hone their narrative abilities. You can say the same for girls entering their “tween phase.” Even if they're getting older, most of these girls won't turn down dolls and castles—as long as they aren't bulky, old fashioned girl gifts. Check out these STEM authenticated Pinxies building sets instead!

Pinxies are Top STEM Toys for 8 to 12-Year-Old Girls This Holiday Season

Enchanted Ice Castle

The Enchanted Ice Castle is one of our bestselling Pinxies sets. Your little princess will have a blast building this two-foot castle using over 300 pieces of panels, furniture, accessories & stickers. Her problem-solving skills will be put to the test, but don't worry, as this toy includes a manual that can guide her as she assembles the castle alone or with friends.

The set also includes characters, such as the adventurous Koral and a snowman. Imagine all the exciting stories and adventures she and her friends will come up with for Koral.

Butterfly Hot Air Balloon

Spark your favorite girl's creativity and imagination with this unique girl's Christmas gift. This Toy Insider STEM 10 Award Winner is called the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon! This STEM authenticated building set includes over 135 pieces ready to be assembled. Your daughter, granddaughter, or niece will have a blast building and playing with this toy. It includes Koral, who has interchangeable expressions (just move the piece side to side to see its animated face!). Plus, the set has a butterfly, cat, stickers, and panels for a large hot air balloon. With detailed graphics & colorful pieces, this building set encourages imaginative play and storytelling.

Undersea Band

Do you have a young daughter who loves music and the ocean? She'd likely smile from ear to ear once she receives this Pinxies set called Ocean Friends on Christmas! This 140+ piece playset taps on her interests like no other toy. She will have fun connecting the panels to create her own enchanted under-the-sea world full of magical fishes—and a band! She can have her friends over so they can build the set together and perform a song or two.

Vet Care Center

A girl who likes playing veterinarian with pets at home is the inspiration for this playset. The Vet Care Center is a 110-piece playset that includes Koral, the main Pinxies character, and a bunch of colorful animals. If your daughter, niece, or goddaughter is a huge animal lover, she'll appreciate this as a holiday gift. She'll enjoy building the vet center; since it is easy to slot the building links and assemble the panels. The building set includes lots of stickers, allowing her to customize the vet care center and hone her construction skills and narrative abilities.

Unicorn Barn

Looking for a Christmas gift for a girl who loves a good challenge? Here's a gift idea: a 240-piece Unicorn Barn building set. And if she's a fan of Unicorn or anything pink or purple, then all the more reason to give her this toy. She will have fun taking on the challenge of building a large Unicorn Barn complete with a stable area, obstacle courses, and a flower garden. The set comes with three Pinxies characters (including the main character, Koral) and three colorful unicorns. It also has stickers & accessories, so she can customize her barn. Pinxies toys set the stage for young minds to excel at STEM. As your little girl builds & plays with this Unicorn Barn set, she will learn construction and problem-solving skills.

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It's fun to shop for kids, but it's also quite challenging. We hope our list has helped narrow down your options for the best toys for Chistmas and make your holiday shopping more convenient. But hey, if you want to explore more innovative toys, head over to Luki Lab and check out our entire collection. You'll find more STEM-authenticated toys that foster creative play and 21st-century skills.

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